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Will Titans fans be stuck with both Fisher and Young?
Photo by Andrew Strickert for Total Titans
Can Vince Young and Jeff Fisher coexist?

From what we know, it doesn’t appear Jeff Fisher and Vince Young will be able to coexist and have a normal boss/employee or coach/player relationship. One or the other will have to go in the offseason.

The fans in Tennessee seem to accept this and they fall pretty much into three categories:
  • Those who support Fisher and believe Young should go.
  • Those who support Young and think Fisher should leave.
  • Those who would like to see both of them hit the door.
However, this is a situation that could have an entirely different outcome which won’t satisfy any of the above fan groups.
Owner Bud Adams has decreed a truce, demanding they get along with each other. He may be the only one who wants both men to stay. More thoughts on this, after the jump.


Bud wants the best of both worlds, to have his cake and eat it too. I’m sure that Adams, who lives in Houston, still revels and glories in drafting Vince, a Houston native, when most of the hometown fans wanted the Texans to draft him. He had to be even more thrilled later that year when Vince beat the Texans in their house with a 40-yard touchdown run in overtime.
That must have been one of the most enjoyable moments in Bud’s life. 
Bud was rubbing it in Houston’s face, flaunting Vince. “VY is my guy,” he boasted.
I’m sure he’d like to keep Vince around to beat the Texans in Houston every year. 
Bud would also like to keep Fisher around, for several reasons.
1)  Adams, who will be 88 in January, probably doesn’t want to wait three to four years for a new coach to rebuild the team.
2)  It would terrible for Bud to have Fisher take over and win in Houston or Dallas. Houston may have a coaching vacancy soon and the gig in Dallas is currently functioning under an interim tag. Bud couldn’t tolerate an ex-coach Fisher succeeding in either of those Texas cities.
I believe the possibility of Fisher coaching, and winning, in Houston or Dallas terrifies Bud.
Bud doesn’t appear to want to get rid of either man. I don’t think he likes the idea of making an either/or decision in this case.
We could see both Fisher and Young back next year, two men who probably won’t be able to get along, despite Bud’s decree. Having both of them back would be something that few Titans fans want.