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Will the Titans use the franchise tag this year?

Tomorrow, February 5, is the first day teams can designate a player as their franchise player. The Titans agreed not to franchise Albert Haynesworth if he met certain goals, which he did. I don’t know if that also means he can’t be designated as a transition player, but I can’t see the Titans matching another team’s wild offer so it seems rather pointless to do that.
So if the team can’t franchise Big Al, will they slap the franchise tag on anyone this year?
There’s no way they’ll tag Kerry Collins, which will cost $14.65 million. That’s Manning, Favre or Brady money.

Nor will they tag Bo Scaife, which would be $4.46M. That’s Gonzalez or Gates money. Incidentally, Scaife’s agent says he’s advised Bo to test the market. It won’t surprise me if Scaife follows his agent’s advice.
That leaves Rob Bironas, and I believe the Titans will slap the tag on him if they aren’t able to re-sign him to a new contract. He won’t break the bank. It will only cost 2.48M to tag him, a raise for him of a little over 1M.
What do you think? Will Rob Bironas get the franchise tag?