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Will the Tennessee Titans deal for a WR on draft day?

As we’ve mentioned a few times on this site, adding some depth at WR is one of the biggest remaining offseason priorities for the Tennessee Titans.

Whether it’s via a draft pick, free agency or a draft day trade, expect the Titans to bring in someone to fulfill the #3 role in their passing attack. The question is: Which avenue will the team decide to take in addressing the WR position?

For the first time since 1998, will we hear a WR’s name called as the Titans’ #1 draft pick is announced? Or will the franchise continue its value-approach to wideout shopping by selecting a guy or two in the middle-late rounds?

Reading in between the lines of recent statements by GM Mike Reinfeldt and offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger, don’t be surprised if the team utilizes the trade route to bring in some WR talent.

In a recent interview with Jonathan Hutton of Titans Radio, Mike Heimerdinger indicated his desire for the team to replenish its WR group:

“By signing Nate Washington I think we helped ourselves, but after Nate and Justin Gage, I’m not sure what we have,” Heimerdinger said. ”I feel real good about one and two, but after that I’m not sure. I couldn’t tell you who [our third wide receiver] is.”

Not exactly a ringing endorsement for the 2009 prospects for younger receivers such as Lavelle Hawkins, Paul Williams and Chris Davis.

In the article, Hawkins is mentioned as the guy who would serve as the #3 if the season started today, but in typical-Dinger fashion, Heimerdinger suggests that the “Hawk” is going to have to step it up if he expects to soar next year.

Meanwhile, in a recent interview with the Tennessean, GM Mike Reinfeldt throws out the intriguing possibility of the team wheeling and dealing for a WR on draft day:

“This weekend’s NFL Draft provides an opportunity, but Reinfeldt said there’s a chance the Titans could make a draft day trade for a veteran wideout.”

A few days ago, we mentioned the possibility pipedream of Anquan Boldin venturing to Nashville but considering the price its going to take to make him a Titan, the majority of us would be shocked if that deal took place.

Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson has also stated his desire to be traded, but the Bengals have refused to part ways with their exuberant WR. “Mr. Dropsies” a.k.a. Braylon Edwards is also available, but the combination of the likely high price of compensation needed to attain him and his propensity for not holding onto the football frightens me.

If the Titans are going to make a deal for a WR this weekend, Buffalo’s Roscoe Parrish may be a target. Earlier this month, the Bills made it clear that they are willing to move Parrish via trade.

Parrish is a receiver who thrives as a #3 while making plays out of the slot. He would be a great replacement for the departed Brandon Jones. In addition to his playmaking skills at WR, he could also man the fort on special teams as a dangerous punt returner, with newcomer Mark Jones serving as the Titans’ primary KR.

The compensation needed to acquire Parrish shouldn’t be high: I’m guessing that his asking price should be somewhere around a 3rd-5th round draft selection.

So what do you think guys? Should the Titans swing a draft day deal for a WR?