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WR/CB Williams selected with Titans’ third pick

Finally, the Titans address a legitimate need in the draft. Or maybe two needs. Or maybe none.
Fresno State’s Paul Williams is listed as a receiver/cornerback. Sounds to me like an athlete without a natural position, who hasn’t found a home. A jack of several trades and master of none.
Mike Reinfeldt’s last two picks are very reminiscent of picks Floyd Reese used to make — guys with high measurables, good size and speed, but unable to translate it into performance on the field. Guys who are labeled by scouts and analysts as reaches.
Andre Woolfolk was a primary example of that, with many similarities to Williams. In college, both were considered to be big corners with long arms. Like Williams, Woolfolk was also a receiver in college.
Receiver Tyrone Calico was another project of Reese’s, a second-round reach with size and speed whose lack of production resulted in his unemployment. He also reminds me of Williams. Woolfolk and Calico were the first two names that came to mind as I did some quick research on Williams.
I’m afraid I may now know the answer to the question, “What do you get when you cross Andre Woolfolk and Tyrone Calico?”

  • Here’s the underwhelming summary of the NFL’s scouting report on Williams:

    Compares To: Ken Lucas, Carolina — Williams just does not impress as a receiver, as you can plainly see he is not happy on offense … With his previous experience and family bloodlines on defense, he would be better served playing cornerback, but needs to sit down and do a gut-check to see if he has the heart to play the game.

I hope Williams proves me wrong for doubting the Titans’ selection of him, just as I hope Michael Griffin and Chris Henry will prove me wrong too.
Reinfeldt’s first draft is beginning to remind me of Reese’s 2003 draft, which had Woolfolk and Calico drafted with the first two picks. It was not one of Reese’s finer moments.