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Wycheck to try wrestling

Former Titans tight end Frank Wycheck was involved in an altercation at a wrestling press conference Thursday and will now don the tights and lace up the boots to make a ring appearance.
Since a series of concussions forced his retirement from football, Wycheck has been a radio personality, co-hosting a morning sports radio talk show and is also the color commentator for Titans Radio game broadcasts.
On his Thursday morning radio talk show, Wycheck announced he would be participating in the press conference announcing Total Nonstop Action [TNA] Wrestling’s Slammiversary pay-per-view event in Nashville. He was sketchy with the details regarding his upcoming participatory role.
At the press conference, recorded by cameras from at least three local TV stations, Wycheck was involved in a verbal confrontation with wrestler Cowboy James Storm. The confrontation turned physical when Storm spewed a mouthful of beer onto Wycheck, who responded by breaking a guitar over Storm’s head.
The two are now scheduled to meet each other in the ring at Slammiversary.
Wycheck told the TV cameras that he would have to start working out again to get back in shape. He probably played at around 250 pounds most of his career, but he looks like he’s considerably heavier now.
I recall Jeff Fisher saying shortly after Frank’s retirement that his golf handicap was going down and his weight was going up.
Wycheck says he’s been a long-time wrestling fan and he often talks about wrestling on his morning show. Several years ago he and some of his Titans teammates had front row seats at a match, at least for a while. Zach Piller and Fred Miller decided they wanted to join in the action and jumped the railing to mix it up with TNA wrestler Jeff Jarrett. Afterwards, Titans GM Floyd Reese added wrestling to the list of activities forbidden to players, along with other dangerous pasttimes such as skydiving, bungee jumping and motorcycle racing.
A couple of weeks ago, Wycheck had a long radio segment with Jarrett, who’s also the owner/president of TNA. Jarrett told a great story about being on tour in upstate New York when the Titans had the famous Music City Miracle playoff game against the Bills.
After the game was over, Jarrett called his wife and asked her to find him a Wycheck jersey, which she did and priority shipped to him. It arrived in time for Jarrett to wear it to the ring in Buffalo the following night.
Jarrett said he was used to being booed when he was cast as a bad guy, but he was never booed louder than that night in Buffalo.