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Bobcats Battle the Warriors and Are Victorious

I gotta post this pic of McBob…double-double on the night and a great all around game with only 1 turnover

(Courtesy NBAE / Getty Images)


Tonight’s recap is going to be a bit different from what you have seen so far this season.  I’m not going to break things down, quarter by quarter.  I’m just going to touch on some bright spots, and call it a night.  The game alone had me worn out, and I only got to watch the second half of it.  Read on Bobcats Brethren/Hornets Swarm…

I made mention that I only watched half of the game.  I was with my youngest son grocery shopping and time sorta got away from me.  All I know is that I had coupons, and I got some good deals, but I’m not mentioning them here.  When we did return home, I checked in to see a halftime score of 41- 53, with our Bobcats holding the lead.  Since we were without MKG, Taylor, and Biz, I have to say that I was a bit surprised.  Steph Curry can take games over, and tonight was no exception.  With Curry, Thompson, and Barnes, I was really expecting us to be in some trouble.  I sat down to watch this second half…and at the end, I was exhausted and ecstatic, as we came away with a 115-111 victory.


Hats off to Golden State for snapping our 13-game streak of holding opponents under 100 points, but with the Curry effect, it’s hard to keep those guys below 100 points.  Hometown favorite Steph Curry finished the night with 43 points, 9 assists, 6 rebounds, and 2 blocks. 


We were out-rebounded 53-46, but we made up for that with a 22-20 in assists and 6-3 in steals.  Also, it must be mentioned that we turned the ball over only 7 times to the Warriors’ 15.  We fouled 16 times to the Warriors’ 24.


Yeah, enough with the head-to-head stats, you guys want to know how our players did, so here it is.  I put the highest stat of the night for us in each category in bold:


Kemba Walker – 31 points / 5 assists / 5 rebounds

Gerald Henderson – 24 points / 1 assist / 3 rebounds / 1 block

Ramon Sessions – 13 points / 5 assists / 3 rebounds / 3 steals

Ben Gordon – 12 points / 1 assist / 1 rebound / 2 steals

Josh McRobers – 11 points / 6 assists / 10 rebounds / 1 steal / 1 block

Al Jefferson – 11 points / 1 assist / 9 rebounds / 1 steal / 1 block


Tolliver, Adrien, and Zeller contributed 13 total points, 1 block, 1 steal, 3 assists, and 15 rebounds as a group.


I stated it before the game that in order to win tonight, the Bobcats had to play good team basketball and we needed big numbers from Kemba, Hendo, Big Al, and McRoberts.  We got that very thing.  6 players in double figures is a great way to ensure winning games.  55 points from Hendo and Kemba is also something that I’d like to see more of.  When we can get 50 from 2 players combined, good things are going to happen.

The only other thing that I can mention is that there was an ESPN SportsCenter top 10 plays of the night block.  It’s Gerald Henderson’s birthday, and he deserves the play of the night.  A come-from-behind block that he swatted into the backboard that not only ricocheted away, but he was up so high, he almost hit his head on the backboard.

You gotta see it!

Happy Birthday Hendo!  I hope ESPN gives you and the Bobcats the recognition it deserves.