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Bobcats Fall to Another of NBA’s Worst Teams This Year

To be taken seriously in the NBA, you win the games that are easily winnable and you win some games that are very challenging.  Tonight, the Bobcats could not pull it together to beat the lowly Utah Jazz…again.  The Jazz, who are a miserable 9-24 on the season, notched its 10th win at our expense tonight.  The recap is short and sweet.

In a dreadful game where both teams barely scored 80 points in 4 quarters, and you shoot south of 40%, you don’t get noticed.  You get made fun of, which is exactly where we are, again, this season.  What was shaping up to be a season to remember for the Bobcats final year as Bobcats, they have fallen to the Jazz twice, Atlanta once, played a great game against the Thunder, and eeked out a victory against the lowly Bucks.  Are you seeing the trend?  We can’t perform as we did against the Thunder to only look like garbage against the NBAs bottom feeder teams.

I wouldn’t be so upset, but the team as a whole looked totally disinterested in being in Utah, let alone in playing a basketball game.  I hope that the franchise isn’t banking that regardless of the game play, the new Hornets name alone will bring in fans.  It will bring in many, but wins gain fans and some respect in this league.  Tonight just looked horrible, and Kemba Walker should be doing some soul searching as Trey Burke’s 21 points, 5 assists, 1 turnover, 1 steal, and 1 block made Kemba’s 18 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 turnovers , and 1 steal look very rookie-like.  There was no effort on the court as the other portion of the tri-captains contributed only 37 points (Hendo with 19 and Big Al with 18).  We were out-rebounded, out-assisted, and out-blocked on the night.

One of the most terrible performances I’ve seen out of this team this year.  Zero effort on either side of the court.  We have not seen Jeff Adrien for several games now, after he was drawing so much praise earlier in the season, and getting playing time over Biyombo.  Also, we didn’t see any of Cody Zeller in the second half tonight.  I’m not sure what’s going on down on Trade Street right now, but it isn’t pretty.  I really thought tonight would have been a tune up game before we faced the Clippers on New Year’s Day.  Guess not.  If we continue to play like we did tonight, expect blowout losses in LA and Portland, plus a Sacramento shakedown.  I hope Coach Clifford can rally the troops, because tonight was ridiculous.