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Bobcats Solid for 3 Quarters; Fall Apart in the 4th
Hey Biz!  I've missed seeing you in games as of late.  4 points and 4 rebounds in 11 minutes…I'll take it! Poor officiating had all of us doing the same thing you're doing in this picture.
Happy Thanksgiving!
As a die hard Bobcats fan, I was up for last night’s recap.  I really wanted to get it done last night so that I could devote my full day to my family.  Well, a Bobcats loss last night did not have me in the best of moods.  The poor officiating had me mad enough at the loss that I was blaming the loss entirely on the Bobcats.  The fact of the matter was that we had gone up against what might possibly be the best team in the East, and maybe in the NBA.  Since I feel like the Bobcats organization is a part of my extended family, I decided to cool my jets and give thanks for NBA Basketball in Charlotte.  Whether they are Bobcats or Hornets, I love this team and I wanted to show them love by being honest about last night’s game.  
Let’s start with the simple side of things; neither team shot 40% from the floor.  That can make for some pretty boring basketball.  So in addition to poor shooting, add in that there were 50 total fouls called in the game.  This also makes for a pretty slow game.  The Bobcats had 3 players with 5 fouls (Jeff Taylor, Josh McRoberts, & Cody Zeller) while the Pacers only had Paul George with 4.  Every other Pacers player with fouls had 3 or less.  There were double-fouls, double-lane violations, delay of game technical fouls…you name it and there was a call to make this game drag on forever.  The referees controlled the pace of this game, and it felt more like an away game, officiated by some first-time high school referees than by veteran NBA refs, but I digress.  This was just the kind of game that you want to end.  Unfortunately a 3rd quarter with a final box score of 17-14 and not a single field goal hit until about halfway through the quarter…it was just ugly to watch.  We were out-rebounded (57-43) and out-stolen (8-3), but we out-blocked them (6-4).
The Bobcats honestly held on strong for 3 quarters.  They really did.  Playing against the best defense in the NBA, that’s nothing to hang our heads about.
After 3, the score was 60 to 52, and I really thought if the Bobcats could start hitting some shots, we might have a chance to get the win.  No one told the Pacers that this was my hope.  7 made 3-pointers in the 4th would be our downfall.  The pacers put in a 39 point 4th quarter to our 22, and that was the game.  We lost by a score of 99 – 74.  Again, we kept a team under 100 points which is a positive.  The game wasn’t a blowout until the 4th quarter, so I’m proud of them for that.  
Al, Kemba, and Gerald were our leading scorers with 16, 15, and 10 respectively.  CJ Watson’s unexpected 18 points was a major difference maker on the night.  He was 6-7 from the 3-point line and since the Pacers only made 10 – 3s, well, that was all she wrote.
I’m thankful for the Bobcats improving effort, and I am thankful for our new coaching staff.  I’m thankful for having Big Al, Kemba, MKG, Hendo, Biz, McBob, Taylor, and the rest of the guys on my team.  I hope that the guys are thankful for having a blog site like ours that supports the team like family and stands strong with them, no matter what.  We’ve been with them from the darkest of days, and we will continue to be with them through the name change and any other curve balls the franchise endures.  We love you guys and thank you for always giving 110%.
Let’s Go Cats!