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Pierre the Pelican and Company Cause Nightmares for the Bobcats

So the team that was once known as the Hornets faced off against the team that will soon be known as the Hornets again.  A battle of epic proportions awaits…right?  Well…not exactly.  Read on Horncats for the brutal battle…

Another losing night with the same problems that cause those losses.  sub-40% field goal shooting and leaving 15 points at the foul line is no way to win a game.  The team was under 60% from the foul line.  The one "free" shot in the game and we missed 15 of them.  With a final score of 84 to 105, do the math,  Those 15 points, or even 10 of those points would have been huge down the stretch.  Kemba's 7-19 and Hendo's 3-10 is not how games are won.  I know that not having Big Al is hurting us because we lack the killer instinct in the paint, but after a win like Friday night against Cleveland, we all expected more from the Bobcats.

Ramon Sessions led the way in scoring last night with 22 points off of the bench.  Kemba was the only other guy in double-figures, netting 14 points on that terrible shooting.  Make note that Sessions led the team in assists last night with 6.  Beyond that, only 1 Bobcat was in double figures anywhere in the stat lines.  Jeff Adrien had another good showing with 13 rebounds.  He also chipped in a steal, a block. and 8 points.  McRoberts had 9 points on the night with 2 assists, 2 steals, and 6 rebounds.  I award Adrien and Sessions the Trade Street Post co-players of the game.  They appeared to be the only 2 guys that came to play and were on their game.

I can't cheer the team into something that they are not.  There were fans on Twitter already saying that it looks like we'll be a lottery team again in the 2014 draft.  4 games into the season and I'm already hearing that.  I mean, give them a chance.  There's still 79 games left in the year and fans are bailing?  Not this guy and not this site.  We've seen the worst of the worst here, and we know that better days are coming.  Cody Zeller was held in check due to some bad foul calls.  MKG is gaining some confidence because he's taking it to the rack a whole bunch more.  The guys are working hard.  Hendo is in one heck of a shooting slump, but once he works out of it, which we all know he will, we will be doing just fine.  Add in a healthy Al Jefferson, and the floor will open up for Hendo, Zeller, Kemba, and the rest of the crew to get into a groove.  No one said it would be easy, but we're getting there.   Coach Clifford is working on what combinations work best, and aside from the atrocious foul shooting and being blown away in the first quarter (15 to 33 scoring in the first), we held our own through the rest of the game (26-23, 21-21, & 22-28).  Once we get clicking, this will be a fun season full of amazing plays and more wins than we've seen in the past couple years.