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So, What’s Everyone Thinking?

Here we are with 3 games left in the season, playoff bound, and there are still folks hating on the Bobcats. I just don’t know what it will take to gain respect for the team finally. I’m also wondering what team everyone is wanting to face in the playoffs. Do we want to keep scraping to get to that 6 spot and stay there? Are we OK with 7, as long as we’re facing the Pacers? Can we beat the Heat in 7?

We all have to be thinking and asking these questions, right? I know I am. I was OK with facing the Pacers…then they jumped up to the #1 seed, meaning we would face the Heat. Then, we move up to the #6 seed, and we’re looking at the Raptors. This sounded fine as well. Lo and behold, we lose last night to the Celtics, and the Pacers lose to the Heat, and back to a 7 seed we go again, and the Pacers fall back to #2. I’m still OK with that.

I will touch on my mention of the Bobcats and the “no respect” comment. We have lost to teams like the Celtics and the Magic, and with those losses, the casual fans throw the team under the bus. What is different this season is that the players and the coaching staff knows that when a team like those beats us, our guys take it upon themselves to not let it happen again. It is a learning experience. We lost last night by 3, and our floor general, Kemba Walker, was not playing. Down this stretch, we have to have the guys as close to 100% as possible. Kemba had a sore groin. There’s no need to take a chance on him making it worse and not being the Kemba we know in the playoffs. We need our floor general. Last night was a chance for the coaching staff to try and figure out what to do in a situation like that. Close but no cigar was the answer (no pun intended Mr. Auerbach).

The Bobcats will be just fine. Wait and see. We have silenced every critic. The media pounces on our losses and barely mentions our wins. The Bobcats are going out with a roar in this final season. Who knows just how far we will go.

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