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10 years ago in Slovakia…

The scene: A laboratory somewhere in Trencin, 1997.
The President of Slovakia, Mikuláš Dzurinda, is in a room with several scientists, poring over their work.

The Prez: Well, even though we requested the split from the Czech Republic, we’re being embarrassed. The Czechs are blowing us away in all manner of economic and cultural advances. Tell me, you have completed our secret weapon?

Scientist: Well, after the supply problems with the first two, the failure to properly adjust the psychological parameters on versions 3-7 and the last one getting his hand stuck in the garbage disposal, I introduce to you, Agent 9!

Agent 9 stands up, trips and falls into much of Slovakia’s computer equipment, electricuting him.
6 Months later.

Scientist: I introduce to you, Agent 10!

1 year later

Agent 10 lifts weights, glaring at the Czech flag, and a picture of his target, perched just below the flag.

2 years later, in New York

Scientist: Agent 10, you have a new assignment, it’s in Minnesota.

Agent 10 grunts acknowledgement.

4 years later in Slovakia

Scientist: It appears that there may be a defect in Agent 10. He keeps injuring his groin. Should we recall him?

The new Prez (Rudolf Schuster): No no, I have total faith in the plan set forth by that guy whose name I can’t pronounce.

Scientist: You know, I can’t pronounce his name either. He was president for like 5 years too.

3 years later (2 days ago, actually)

Scientist: All right Agent 10, you have your assignment. Can you execute the plan to embarrass the Czechs tomorrow.

Agent 10 grunts.

Last night:

Agent 10 scores 5 goals against the Rangers, embarrassing Czech hero Jaromir Jagr.

Scientist: You did it, Agent 10! you have vindicated all of Slovakia!

Agent 10: I think you guys needed a better plan.