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A 10 Month-Old’s 2012 NFL Predictions

Back in February,  I pretty much missed watching the entire Super Bowl because I was caring for a very angry 4 month-old baby and then had to give him a bath and put him to bed just before the Giants’ final drive.

My son has changed a lot over the last 6 months.  He can crawl, say a few words like mama, dada, and dog, and he can use his hands to pick up things that he wants.  So, the other day, while we were playing, I pulled out my mini plastic NFL helmets (just like these) and let him play with them.  After a while of us playing with them, I put all 32 helmets in a big pile and decided that the first 12 helmets he picks would be his playoff picks (considering divisions and conferences) and from there he’d pick his playoff winners.  The teams are seeded in the order he selected them.  He had a lot of fun doing this and I spent some time talking to him about the colors and logos on the helmets (like this helmet is Yellow with a green “G”) so it turned into a learning experience for him too.  Here are his picks:

AFC East: Patriots
AFC North: Bengals
AFC South: Jaguars
AFC West: Broncos
AFC Wild Card #1: Chiefs
AFC Wild Card #2: Browns

NFC East: Cowboys
NFC North: Packers
NFC South: Saints
NFC West: Rams
NFC Wild Card #1: 49ers
NFC Wild Card #2: Cardinals

Wild Card Playoffs:
Jaguars over Chiefs
Browns over Broncos
49ers over Saints
Cowboys over Cardinals

Divisional Playoffs:
Patriots over Browns
Bengals over Jaguars
Packers over 49ers
Cowboys over Rams

Conference Championships:
Patriots over Bengals
Packers over Cowboys

Super Bowl XLVII:
Patriots over Packers

Some Notes:
– It’s been pretty obvious to us over the past few months that his favorite color is orange, so I wasn’t surprised at all by his Bengals and Browns picks
– In an NFL where anything can happen, we’ll see how his picks stack up against some of the experts.  I’m not so sure about the Jaguars chances of winning the division or having 3 teams from NFC West in the playoffs, but I was shocked by how realistic of a Super Bowl matchup he ended up with, picking last year’s Super Bowl losers over the Super Bowl champs from 2 years ago.