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Super Bowl preview, with Cooper Manning

Hi everyone, I’m Cooper Manning, filling in for Ryan, Steve and Beth. They asked me to do a Super Bowl preview, and I leaped at the opportunity. You see, its the second year in a row that I’ve had a brother in the Super Bowl, Peyton last year, Eli this year. I like that when the staff here invited me to write this post, they didn’t ask me the question everyone seems to be asking. How does it feel to be the only Manning that didn’t play pro football?
Well, you know what, it’s fine. I was dealt what some might see as a bad hand. I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and had to quit football. I was selected to the all-state team before the diagnosis though, so I’m no slouch. It made college more fun too, there at Ole Miss. I was able to simply study and go out and I wouldn’t have to go to, like, South Carolina on weekends like Eli or Peyton. I met my wife there, and have two great sons. Eli and Peyton can’t say that.
What are they gonna do? Peyton works in Indianapolis. It’s not like the selection there is Peyton Manning quality, if you know what I mean. Sure, he could go up to Chicago, but, I’m sure you guessed that he’s not much of a welcome figure there. Then, when he comes home, anyone over the age of 19 is already married, and Peyton, God bless him, is too good to cruise the high school for single girls. That, and good Lord is he ugly.
As for Eli, he wouldn’t know what to do with a woman if she came with instructions.
So, yeah. I’m the only one who is married and has kids. I’ve provided grand children for dad and mom, so they’re pretty proud of that, too. Also, I’m the oldest and most responsible. So, yeah.
Speaking of mom, she never played pro football either. Why doesn’t anyone mention that?
Oh right. The Super Bowl. The Patriots are going to win.