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The end of an era

Murray State Purdue Pete


For a while, Purdue held some sort of record. Oh, it was a strange record, no doubt, but on Saturday, that record came to an end. According to Ken Pomeroy, Purdue and Murray State held the mark for the longest time since losing on the same day. I’m not sure it’s a record, but it’s a mark for not losing. “Not losing” and “Purdue” in the same sentence is oretty good, if you ask me.

Well, then Saturday happened. We sort of expected what happened at the Purdue game (All 2013 sports schedules), but what happened for Murray State was a surprise. Purdue was beaten badly by Indiana, a top 5 team in the country. Murray State was upended by lowly Eastern Illinois, which probably isn’t a top 5 team in the state of Illinois.

So alas, now Purde is back to being associated with losing this year.