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Today, everyone is a Hokie

I would like to first comment on the tragedy the beset Virginia Tech today. VaTech was always Purdue’s academic rival, and every description I’ve heard of the Blacksburg campus leaves me with the impression that the two schools are extremely similar. If they are like Purdue, then Spring is a traditionally stressful time of year, what with engineering projects coming due, and finals just around the corner. There is little time to be out looking for girls in short shorts and tube tops like at other schools. Now, with this unspeakable news of dozens dead, the stress and sadness of the season will be too much for many students and faculty to deal with, and I wish nothing but the best for Virginia Tech.

ITEM ONE: Switching to lighter fare, I should give you my picks for the playoffs and a couple awards. In the NL, I’ve got the Cubs over the Phillies and the Mets over the Dodgers in the first round, with Mets defeating the Cubs to get to the World Series. In the AL, I’ve got the Yankees over the Tigers and the Angels over the red Sox, with the Yankees getting back to, and winning the World Series in a terribly boring Subway Series with the Mets.
In the National League, Carloses will sweep the MVP and Cy Young awards, with Beltran and Zambrano winning those, and in the AL, look for Roy Halladay (if he stays healthy, if not, Johan Santana again) to get the Cy Young, and the MVP going to one of the Yankees. I’m going to stray from the majority and say that the MVP is eventually going to be Bobby Abreu. So there you have it.

ITEM TWO: Speaking of playoffs, I don’t think I can talk about the Wild without crying. They have been completely incompetent offensively, going 0 for 6342 on the power play. Sure, trapping works, but only if you put pucks in the net on the other end. Of course, the last time Minnesota was in the playoffs, they came back twice after falling down by three games. So really, we have the Ducks right where we want them. Sigh.

ITEM THREE: I flipped through the channels earlier today, and I just caught this: “Vikings were raping and pillaging”. Now, where they talking about Norwegians or Cornerbacks? I’m not sure.

ITEM FOUR: The Twins, after their first fantastic week of the season, became less fantastic this last week. Their games against the Yankees were postergames for how not to pitch, and the Devil Rays, of all teams, gave them fits, which is disquieting. The pitching staff is being buoyed mostly by Carlos Silva and Ramon Ortiz. This can’t possibly last. The Twins need to start hitting, especially when Luis Rodriguez is tied for 2nd on the team in homers.

Thats it for this week, hopefully we can have a cheerier look at things next week.