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Kevin Garnett caught heckling opponent from bench (VIDEO)

Minnesota Timberwolves big man Kevin Garnett has mastered the art of trash talking, and he’s used it to get in his opponents’ heads for years.

And apparently, it’s a strategy he employs both on and off the court.

The 20-year veteran has been dealing with soreness in his right knee and hasn’t played since Jan. 23, and may not suit up for a game for the rest of the season.

But that hasn’t stopped him from trash talking his opponents.

An Instagram user who was sitting behind the Wolves’ bench during Saturday night’s 112-110 win over the Pelicans posted a video showing Garnett heckling Eric Gordon.

“Hell nah!” and some other NSFW language came out of Garnett’s mouth after Gordon’s miss.

A video posted by Tom Holbrook (@twholbrook) on Feb 29, 2016 at 9:03pm PST


If you listen closely, you can hear Gordon say “in” like he was calling his shot. Garnett clearly wasn’t feeling that, so he responded in the way he knows best.

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