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Miller’s attorney says player is “thrilled”
Mike Miller’s attorney, David Martin, on the player’s reaction to the trade:

David Martin says, "The whole anticipation of not know where you’re
going to be, whether it was at the trade deadline last year, or
pre-draft this year, there was a lot of rumors floating around. And I
think now he can just focus where he’s playing, which is Minnesota,
focus on winning and helping that team win. So yeah, it’s a relief."
And after spending his first eight NBA seasons with Orlando and
Memphis, Martin says the Mitchell native is elated with the chance to
continue his career closer to home.

"He’s thrilled. Its an opportunity for his parents to make a lot more
games, which he’s excited about. South Dakota is home. Its always been
home to Mike," explains Martin. "He’s got a brother and sister that
live in South Dakota. His parents are there. So he’s excited. He’s just
absolutely thrilled to be playing for Minnesota."
According to Tom Miller, Mike is a big Vikings fan and is fairly good friends with Greenway.
Alan Miller believes Mike will have success in Minnesota.
“Mike’s always been a good team player and he’s the type of guy fans
seem to grab on to,” Alan said. “Mike’s definitely a Midwestern boy.”
"I don’t blame those guys one bit," Miller said. "I wish I could have
stayed to try to bring a playoff win here to Memphis. It’s a new
chapter in my career. It’s like when I got traded from Orlando to here.
It’s a chance to help turn something around there like I did here. We
did that until we took a few steps back."
Miller, the 2000-01 Rookie of the Year and 2005-06 Sixth Man of the
Year, averaged 14.6 points, 4.3 rebounds and 3.3 assists in five-plus
seasons with the Griz.