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18 to 88 speaks to the Commish

We barely have time to keep up with the Giants, let alone with what other Giants bloggers are saying.  And then when other bloggers around the NFL start hammering their keyboards, it is near impossible to stay abreast of anything/everything out there.  But we were fortunate enough to have one of our own, Bloguin’s 18 to 88 Indianapolis Colts blog, get some meaningful time with Roger Goodell.  Nate Dunleavy was tired of the drivel.  So are we.  Good for Nate.  Good for the fan.   Goodell has been on this telephone road show to speak directly with season’s tickets holders in NFL cities.  A couple of weeks ago he held one with Colts fans.  Nate Dunleavy, the blogger for 18 to 88, did not like the meatless chit chat.  Apparently while the softballs were being thrown and callers were talking about the Commissioner’s favorite house plant, people like Nate with some serious questions about the labor impasse were on permanent hold.   

Permanent hold.  Yes, we fans have been given the short end of the stick once again while the owners and players fight over their billions.  Goodell, in his attempt to assuage fans’ frustrations, merely created more barriers and road blocks than we already had.  To his credit, he called Nate directly after hearing about the negative publicity on ESPN.  Nate was able to ask some good questions about the underbelly of this strike.  
To be fair, I think you practically need a law degree to be able to follow half this bullbleep.  And since I do not have one, I have refrained from commenting too much.  But the one thing I have commented on, which I will continue to air, is my general disdain for Goodell The guy is slick enough to have moments like these where he seems to genuinely care.  But then it ends and all we are left with is a commissioner in the back pocket of the owners.
(1) We want a season.  (2) We don’t want an 18 game season.  (3) We don’t want to be told that that is what we want.  (4) The season’s ticket holders amongst us do not want to be extorted by paying for meaningless preseason games as a hidden tax for regular season’s tickets. 

And that is about it.