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2009-it CAN’T come soon ENOUGH!!

#1: NONE of the RB’s in this draft are worth a #1 !! Wells, Moreno, McCoy,etc.. are ALL mediocre…stay AWAY from them even if we lose Ward
#2: SPEED KILLS in the NFL nowadays…particularly on DEF!! and that’s what we NEED…so, there are some EXCELLENT LB’s that MIGHT be available in first two rounds…and at end of first, if Cushing available, grab him..but NOT Lauranitis…Orakpo, Curry, and Maualuga will be LONG gone…however, IF Mau drops to 20-30 range, we should MOVE up to grab him..he’s a perfect MLB/Tackling Machine for us…again, VALUE….I also will remind all of those that I, WONDER, GUARANTEED that Cromartie would be a star, and was BEGGING my jets to grab him instead of Gholston..you CANNOT TEACH SIZE OR SPEED !!!…soooooo:
#3. It’s becoming a PASSING LEAGUE and every team needs at LEAST 3 reasonable corners..particularly TALL ONES…sooo, if V. Davis or S. Smith available, GRAB HIM…NOT D.J. Moore OR Alph. Smith…Jenkins will be long gone
#4. WR’s: CRABTREE, CRABTREE, CRABTREE !!!! This guy is the REAL DEAL: TOUGH, BIG, GREAT HANDS, SPEED…think ANDRE JOHNSON (who this writer BEGGED the Jets to Draft!!)…personally, I would ACTUALLY trade our #1 this year AND next AND maybe a 3rd round pick to KANSAS CITY IF HE’s there at #3 !! HE’s THAT GOOD and would make us forget Plaxico REAL QUICK..KC has a TON of needs and Pioli LOVES TO STOCKPILE draft picks when building a team..have this deal IN PLACE in case he’s avail at #3..TRUST ME !!! after that, MEDIOCRITY..although I think Macklin will be a good pro…

Lastly, if nothing falls our way, there are a LOT of pretty good tackles to be had…Diehl’s doing it with mirrors and McKenzie is slowly wearing out…also, IF, IF, nothing looks good, TRADE DOWN…better yet, TRADE AWAY our #1 if some moronic team will give us their #1 next year and a #2 or #3 this year (depending on “where” they draft, etc.)