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2011 Draft- Wonder: CENTER and TE

The number of TE’s and C’s that are worth drafting this year is so small that we have to combine them into one post to have anything substantive to look at.  Last year Wonder was high on the TEs, many to choose from.  This year there are still some opportunitys, but simply not as many.

Everyone is talking about the brother, aka C Mike Pouncey.  “Pouncey would be a really good pick for the Giants,” says Wonder.  “I made him a 19 for value for a reason.  He’s the only Center worth discussing (that high) in this year’s draft.”

Nuance is important.  Wonder likes Kyle Rudolph at TE in the right system.  If the Bills took Cam Newton in R1, at R3 Rudolph could be a good pick because he is versatile and can play in those environs.  

Still, there are some interesting C’s and TE’s for value in later rounds.  Even though there are not many, Wonder’s board still has a few names that are interesting.