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2011 Draft-Wonder: CORNERBACK

The Draft Project continues with more accountability.  The analysts will be verified.

Wonder delivers his first installment in the 2011 Draft- the Cornerbacks.  Overall, the lot is nothing compelling.  Please remember that these are INITIAL assessments.  The FINAL Draft Board will come out in April and will have the updated Rankings and final ratings on all players.  Expect the final assessment of these players to look very close to this, but not necessarily exactly like this.  There are Pro Days and other factors that can cause Wonder to adjust a player, but most of these views will not appreciably change.

If you have a question or comment on a particular player, ie one not mentioned, etc.. let us know.  We can get a comment on them too, if you like.   

Note: there were problems with the link, but here it is posted again.  I believe you need to have a google account to view the google docs.