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2011 Draft- Wonder: DEFENSIVE END

Before we move along to the 2011 Defensive Ends, I thought it would be interesting to point out this observation- how many analysts out there have last year’s draft prognostications available for you today?  Not only do we have it here at UltimateNYG NY Giants blog (see right sidebar “The Draft Project- 2010”), we also will be verified as well.  Wonder, Pete, NFL House and Draft Daddy took part in the first NFL Draft Project so that their analysis would be in a form that could be graded, and all of their work will remain available for at least 5 years.  We will score them at 3 and 5 years.  And every single player they grade will be accessible.  It is not pleasant to be reminded of mistakes, and we know that all 4 will make their fair share of them.  But the point is that most everyone else is not interested in being held accountable for what they say- AND YOU’LL NEVER KNOW.  There may be a whole lotta noise out there, but over here our work is on record and you’ll know if these guys are worth listening to.

Today is the 4th installment of Wonder’s 2010 NFL Draft board- the Defensive Ends.  He is compiling the Top 200 Draft prospects.  He does it by studying (150+) hours upon hours of film.  He does not have a complete finished board yet.  What he has is positional boards with estimates of his value of where they belong in the draft, ie he’ll give someone ’50’ for value meaning that he thinks they belong in the middle of Round 2.  After everyone at every position is evaluated, he will sort them by value and then make some minor tweaks to develop his final order.  Some players will move.  Most will not.  So while these positional boards are not final, in a few weeks they will be set.  

The Defensive Ends are part of a Defensive Line that is making up for some woeful talent in 2011’s draft.  CBs are on the whole a weaker crop.  Safeties and Linebackers are woeful, especially Inside Linebacker.  The Defensive Line has talent.  “There are a lot of really good ball players at Defensive End this year,” said Wonder.  “Very good, but not great.  Comparing (DEs) to the ILBs and Secondary, it is scary.”  Quantifiable too- Last year had 6 players at DE rated Solid Starter or better.  This year has 9.  That is a big deal, because it means that all else equal, Wonder believes that 30% of the league can find a DE, as opposed to 20% last year.   

We welcome others to join the Draft Project.  All we need is your Top 100 or Top 200, graded 1 to 7.