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2011 Draft- Wonder: GUARD

Guard.  One of the least sexy positions on the face of the planet.  But every Giants fan worth his salt knows how important guys like Snee and Seubert have been to the team.  Put it another way, whenever the Giants have had success, the Guards have been there quietly protecting the QB and plowing the way in the run game. 

Since there is no Iupati this year, forget about taking one of these guys high.  We’ll get to Pouncey’s brother when we do Centers and Tight Ends in coming days.  Talking strictly Guards in the 2011 Draft, there just are not many interesting players this draft.  Go where the value is> William Rackley.  Coach him up and turn him into a player. That is how the draft really works- when you can get a player like that in R4 or R5, and turn him into a starter in a couple of years.  Together with a successful R1 and R2 player, he’ll make your draft.  Remember, if you can get two players out of your draft to stick on your team as starters, that is PAR.  If you can get 3 or more, then you have had a successful draft.  The William Rackleys of the world in the later rounds are how you make your draft a winner and how you make your team a winner.  Where would the 2003 draft be w/o David Diehl in R5 as a GUARD?!!  William Joseph was a bust.  Osi made it.  Tyree was a specials.  So you needed Diehl as a starter just to get to TWO total starters from that class. 

These no name Guards can put you over the top.  The clock is ticking on O’Hara and Seubert, so you have to  find another Guard.  Since you are not spending a high pick, the answer is in value in later rounds.  Boling, Rackley, Moffitt, CJohnson, KWilliams.