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2011 Draft- Wonder: Recap of the Defense

We apologize for the difficulty some of you have had with reading the PDF links in Google Docs for each of the 5 positions evaluated by Wonder for the 2011 Draft.  The shared setting was for anyone with the link, but for whatever reason, some were able to view it and others were not.  We changed the setting again, so hopefully now everyone will be able to view all of the files.






Of course I am biased for believing in Pete’s and Wonder’s analysis.  Why?  I believe they add value with strong commentary.  We will not be able to quantify if either (or both) have edge until after 3 and 5 years of NFL Player performance to grade them against.  But in the meantime, another reason why they are an interesting read is that they do not follow the masses.  They will take guys that everyone loves and they will discard them, relegating them to the trash heap if they believe they are not going to be bonafide NFL players.  That is in sharp contrast to others, who when they don’t like somebody they drop them down 5 notches.  BFD!  If you don’t like a particular player, drop them down a full round.  OR fully 3 rounds!  But the cottage industry of draft analysts behave like lemmings, so what you get for listening to all of them is that they are either all right together OR when they miss, they are all wrong together.  Over here you get free thinking, independent analysis.  And it will be available and verifiable.