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Here is the breakdown for Wonder’s 2012 NFL Draft for Quarterback.

The way drafting works in the NFL, General Managers get judged vs what others think they should do, not what is necessarily right.  Case in point, the 2006 Draft.  Everybody wanted to line up to kiss Reggie Bush’s ***.  The Texans could not agree on a deal with Bush and they went elsewhere, taking DE Mario Williams. The Texans were skewered, roasted alive for not taking Bush. Did it matter what happened afterward? No.  Consensus was that Bush was going to be OJ Simpson and Tony Dorsett and Barry Sanders wrapped into one, the #1 pick who HAD to be taken #1.  The Texans were guilty of passing up on the best player in the draft. Forever. Ridiculous.

So why do we mention this now?  Well, Wonder thinks the same thing is going on with respect to Luck and Griffin.  Luck has the blessing of Harbaugh, is deemed the best QB to come out of the draft since Elway, and so anyone who DARE thinketh that you take Griffin before Luck is out of their mind!  I guess that makes Wonder out of his mind!  But this is how the draft works- it is dominated by orthodoxy and convention.

Here is how the orthodoxy works:

If you take Luck #1 and Griffin is better, well, hey, you took Luck, who could fault that!

If you take Griffin #1 and it doesn’t work out, you are a F***ing moron who got what was coming to him.  How dare you challenge the informed decree of the football minions?!

For Wonder’s money, Griffin is the better prospect.  He believes people are trying to “stereotype” Griffin as a Vick-type scrambler, but he’s much more- he’s a pocket passer with athleticism.  And since Luck does not have a strong arm (like Elway, the one he is compared to), Wonder thinks the #1 QB in the draft is RGIII.  Just his opinion.  No lock on it falling out like that, but if he is the GM of Indianapolis, that is who he takes.  That doesn’t mean that Luck won’t be a terrific QB, just that RGIII has more upside and is the preferred pick.  Both should be very good QBs.

The orthodoxy says: pick anyone you want #1, as long as it is Luck.  We know Luck is the safe pick. Is he the best pick?