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There is a decent amount of depth in the secondary. The 2012 Cornerbacks have more depth than the Safeties

Note again, just as was mentioned when discussing the Wide Receivers, DEPTH DOES NOT EQUAL QUALITY.  By depth, this implies a lot of players. Quantity.  If we saw a lot of 1’s and 2’s, that would mean quality, which we do not have.  In fact, as we deliver the last installment of this year’s draft analysis, it is worth pointing out how few 1’s and 2’s there are.  

In 2011 there were 7 players rated either 1 or 2.  This year, there are 10, which is very similar.  The difference is that this year there are 77 players rated 3 while only 57 players got that rating last year… not top heavy with quality players, but depth with a lot of players than can be starters.   

Tomorrow: Wonder’s Final Draft Board and a Discussion of Round 1 for Thursday Evening.