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2012 NFL Draft: TIGHT END

The last installment in the Offense, Tight End

In 2010, the year that everyone has now heralded as the year of the Tight End, Wonder had 10 starters and a total of 14 guys worthy of a draft pick. That’s a lot, considering these guys are ~1/22nd of your starters.  This year, he has only 7 players projected as starters and a TOTAL of 7 draftable players.  So just when everyone wants their Jimmy Graham or Aaron Hernandez or Ron Gronkowski, now the stock of talent will be less here.  That is typical of the way the NFL copycats chase trends.  HINT: you have to pick to WHERE the talent IS, not to where the trends ARE.  MAKE YOUR OWN TRENDS.  Invent your own blueprint, draft good players who can make plays, wherever they are. 

Reese quietly navigated Free Agency well:
1) TE in the draft is thin, so he got Martellus Bennett (to fill in for Ballard on a short contract)
2) WR (while not top heavy) is amply stocked with 3’s and 4’s, so Manningham can be replaced with another player who can compliment Nicks and Cruz down the road