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2014 NFL Round 1 Mock Draft

Here at UltimateNYG, we don’t really put a lot of stock in mock drafts. And this year, given that there is such a big dropoff in talent from ~ the 16th pick, the whole second half of R1 is one big cr*pshoot.

Getting in the heads of 32 imperfect GMs is nearly impossible. All you need to know is yesterday’s post to see how 1/3rd of their R1 picks from 3 years already missed enough that they chose not to exercise their option on a 5th year.  Given how these GMs are madly in love with their pick on Draft Day, that is a sobering statistic. And it would be even larger if there was a financial penalty (cash bonus forward) for exercising the option year beyond injury.

Remember, Wonder thinks that ~12 of his 16 players that are overvalued will get picked here in R1 despite the opinion that they are worth R2-R3 consideration only. So this list is not a ratings list, but much more a guess as to who would take who where.  His Giants and Jets picks are who he believes those two teams should take, given what players the teams ahead of them select.  (This is why it will be good to follow us on Twitter on the evenings of the Draft to comment and hear Wonder’s takeaways on how things progress.)

With all of this qualified, here goes Wonder’s Mock Draft:

1) HOU- Clowney
2) STL- Robinson
3) JAX- Mack
4) CLE- Watkins
5) OAK- Manziel
6) ATL- Matthews
7) TB- Evans
8) MIN- Carr
9) BUF- Ebron
10) DET- Donald
11) TEN- Lewan
12) NYG- Barr
13) STL- Gilbert
14) CHI- Jernigan
15) PIT- Beckham
16) DAL trade to 26 and CLE-Bortles
17) BAL- Dennard
18) NYJ- Cooks
19) MIA- Martin
20) AZ- Moses
21) GB- Clinton-Dix
22) PHL- Mosley
23) Pryor
24) CIN- Nix
25) SD- Lee
26) DAL (from CLE at 16) -Tuitt
27) NO- ARobinson
28) CAR- Jordan Matthews
29) NE trade out of R1 to JAX- Bridgewater
30) 49ers- Amaro
31) DEN- Fuller
32) SEA- Shazier