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2017 NFL Draft Busts

These are our analyst Wonder’s Busts, players that are highly rated yet should not be in the Top 100 rankings for drafting. Wonder’s track record on busts is unusually high. He had Alabama T Cyrus Kouandijo as a big bust and thus far in 3 seasons the Buffalo Bills backup Tackle has 7 starts, 5 of which came at the end of the season when Cordy Glenn got hurt. Is that what you want from the 44th pick overall?

  1. QB Patrick Mahomes. See Draft Evals Part 1. “I do not like the way the ball comes out of his hands.” Wonder also does not like his footwork, and does not project him as a good NFL QB.  Yet people are discussing him in Round 1. That is desperation. This will cost a team dearly for making this kind of investment in a player with no NFL upside.
  2. DT Malik McDowell. Might fill in a roster spot but that does not mean he should go in R1 or R2. Nothing. Won’t penetrate, no pass rush. Decent run stopper, but that is a dime a dozen. Can’t push the pocket, no upside.
  3. LB TJ Watt. (pictured) Only rated this high because of his brother. Too slow. Not enough athleticism.
  4. CB Quincy Wilson. Typically overrated SEC Cornerback. Tight hips, not smooth. Not a burner. Good ball skills, good instincts, but he does not have the smoothness that we look for in coverage.
  5. DT Caleb Brantley. Slow college player. Others cite quickness, but I disagree. Nothing inspiring about his pass rush skills. They say he can stand his ground on a double team but I do not see that. Played on a good FLA team, just a guy.
  6. LB Zach Cunningham. Does not have an NFL body. Decent speed, but not big enough, not strong enough for LBer. He is worth a R4 pick yet he could go in R1 or early R2? NO.
  7. S Josh Jones. Will be significantly overdrafted. Can’t carry Budda Baker’s jock. He has size and speed. He makes plays but seems lost. Lacks general awareness of the field. Always looking for a big hit. He needs to be coached up so that he is focused on his responsibilities. Needs a better system and thus not the risk because he needs to be developed. Just a little out of control, like he is playing to get on Sportscenter. Can be a decent pro, but not worth a big draft pick. People are simply overvaluing his size and speed. He needs seasoning. Once you start talking about developing a player, his draft stock has to fall to compensate the additional risk.