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70% of parents think their child is above average- Part II

Let’s look at the grades of Reese’s 3 draft classes.  After the great job of the rookie class in 2007, we come back to find that only two of those players have been able to graduate.



Player Rating Comment
Ross 4 See yesterday’s post
Smith 2 fantastic player
Alford 5 tough injury vs Chicago
De Ossie 5 Zak’s dad taught him to stick as longsnapper
Boss 3 could be a 1 if he had an OC who knew what a TE was
Koets 6 definition of fringe player
Johnson 4 where is DeSean Jackson?
Bradshaw 4 Bradshawlic’s lament- if I could only stay healthy
Phillips 3 incomplete, waiting for microfracture gods
Thomas 3 on his way to 2
M’ham 4 on his way to 2 if he can hold onto the ball
Kehl 5 Giants nurturing or another Round 4 Lber?
Goff 5 Giants nurturing or another Round 4(sic) Lber?
Woodson 7  
H’son 7  
Nicks 3 on his way to 1
Sintim 5 put him at MLBer when Wilkinson gets hurt
Beatty 4 buy’m, on his way to 3, possibly 2
Barden 7 could not dress, needs to get physical
Beckum 5 could be a 3 if he had an OC who knew what a TE was
Brown 5 incomplete, waiting for Achilles gods
Bomar 6 project, but it takes time
Wright 7  
Woodson 7  


When objectively compiled this way, the luster of that rookie class that earned us a Super Bowl has faded a little bit.  It is tough being a GM when injuries routinely lay waste to your picks.  But injuries are what they are.  Reese does well for finding a bunch of guys who stick on the roster, but in the end we have roughly ~2-3 picks per class that are looking to deliver at a consistently high level for this team.  That is solid, not stellar.  We like Reese.  This is very good work.  But he is not the best drafting GM the last 3 years.