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A look back through Twitter at the Week 9 matchup

Two of the best in the game at breaking down film, Greg Cosell and Trent Dilfer, both had similar early reactions to the SB42 and 2011 Week 9 rematch in this year’s big game. Both thought right to the huge advantage that the Giants will have at wide receiver. The group had their way with the Patriots defense in the week 9 win, all w/o Nicks as we know. Defensively- we have proven we have the personnel to man them up on a good portion fo the snaps.


@gregcosell  NYG different front + coverage looks v. NE wk 9. Played more than 60% with single high safety on Brady drop backs. Willing to play man.

We all love to hear this. At this point I think we can all accept that our personnel is best suited to man up against a high-volume passing attacks like NE’s. Going to be a relief for the DL to be able to tee off and the back seven able to focus on coverage with the threat of a running QB completely off of the table. Brady gets in trouble when he has to move his feet. That is the only time he gets in any real trouble.


@gregcosell  My sense is NYG will feel comfortable matching up to NE offense with 3 safety personnel + LB Boley + Williams. Did so wk 9 with success.

This gives us the matchups we want. Cover the TE tag-team with the LBs underneath and safety help over the top. If they split Gronk or Hernandez out wide we should do what we tried to do against Davis and have a safety slide down to cover (and trail) him and have the CB slide back to safety. We tried to do this on VD’s 2nd TD but KP was a bit slow and Webster was a little late over the top. It’s a good way to do it when done properly Rolle is going to man up Welker when he is in the slot. We’ll take our chances.


@gregcosell  Went back today + looked at NE offense v. NYG defense wk 9. Brady only 3-9 on 3rd down. Only 2 conversions. 2 sacks. NYG dominated 3rd down.

Again, get them in third and medium/long and they will be in trouble. Webster and Ross have been nothing short of excellent in the playoffs. While I don’t love Webster’s effort tackling he has been as good as always. As for Ross, he has probably made more plays during the run then he did all year. Up front, the pocket will collapse as it did in week 9 and as it has done for five weeks now. No doubt about it.


@TDESPN SB: Bradshaw’s lateral cut ability w/spread out formations will force Pats to play “space” defense, which is when they get gashed!

If the Giants are able to run the draws and the inside handoffs out of the gun, then the Pats will be in all sorts of trouble. If the Giants are able to use this to gain chunks of yards (even if it is one or two 10+yd gains) then they will be in great shape.


@TDESPN SB:G-Men 3wr package w/ Bradshaw as runner is brutal matchup for Pats. Shotgun run game should be there if they load up for pass.

BB better have something up his sleeve or it’s going to be a long night for that defense. Just don’t see  how they can matchup with this personnel on the field. If Eli has time (have to think this one will look more like the GB game then SF) then he will have his CHOICE of open receivers. If he has the time expect to see us hit some shots down the field.


@TDESPN NYG/Pats wk 9: Pats struggled w/Cruz all day, was open on almost every route, move at L.O.S. is what forced PI @ end of game.

What is your plan? To man them up and let this guy and Nicks run free, or sit back and allow Cruz to run free in your zone? Pick your poison. Expect Eli to hit a lot of those quick hitches to Nicks if New England is playing soft. And a heavy dose of Cruz doing his thing and finding any holes in the zone.