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A more thorough discussion of the exhilarating win vs Washington

I heard that Osi said after the game was over that RGIII is the best QB they have faced so far in 2012.. that it is hard for him and his teammates to believe that he is a rookie.  Scary.  Make no mistake, if I am the Redskins coaches and management, I tell this young kid to run less so that he can play more.  Because the greatest enemy to RGIII is RGIII.  He is going to be a nightmare for the NFC East and the rest of the NFL, for that matter.  We heard on the broadcast that he swore to his parents and others after the concussion that he was going to run out of bounds more to take care of himself.  Yes, RGIII truly needs to stay in the pocket more and not ruin his immense talent.  That is the only way he screws his future up.  When you look at what Michael Vick does, scrambling too often, getting popped regularly, wearing the flak jacket and putting the ball on the ground seemingly every game, you know that Vick giveth and taketh away.  Today this rookie named RGIII was a menace to the Giants and he will menace us for quite some time… as long as he maintains his health.

Okay, when I am wrong, I admit it.  I am wrong.  I said no single player is worth that many draft picks. But the Skins paid a ton for RGIII and he is worth every penny.  I knew there was going to obviously be huge upside for the player, but to see this rookie playing the way he is at such an early part of his career is incredible.  RGIII is off the charts good.  He did what he did after losing Fred Davis, their best passing threat. And he hit Moss for the dagger win on a perfectly thrown ball, a clutch play demonstrating incredible poise and character. 

Wonder was right for saying for saying he'd take RGIII ahead of Luck.

Given what I see about RGIII, I have this advice for the Giants players and coaches:  WIN NOW.  WIN IMMEDIATELY IN 2012.  Because this kid is going to be wrecking ball for everyone else in the NFC East.  I simply cannot imagine what he is going to look like with experience.  Frightening.  As was stated in the previous post, the Giants have more than enough to win this year.  Eli. Nicks, Cruz, Bennett, Bradshaw, Bennett, an OL giving great protection and improving run blocking, Nascar all with a sack, a solid LBer corps when healthy.  Young emerging talent in the secondary. Wilson and some vastly improved special teams.

Considering that RGIII is going to be around for a good long time, I have advice for Jerry Reese:  Do whatever you can do that is humanly possible to get the NY Giants as fast a LBer as there is out there.  We have seen the future, and his name is RGIII.  We must have the chess pieces to play chess vs this guy.  The Von Millers and Daryl Washingtons will not be able to chase down RGIII by themselves, but at least they can do it together with their teammates.  Chase Blackburn is an overachiever who created the last fumble and led the team in tackles, but he is outmatched and needs to be upgraded. He is a day late and a dollar short.  The three leading tacklers for the Giants were 3 LBers.  But that is because the Skins went right at these guys and AVERAGED 6.5 yards per carry.  Even without RGIII (which is no small exception), the Giants allowed 5.5 yards per carry.  The NFC East is sending a message- get better, get significantly better or be left behind.

Some sidenotes: (a) Bennett made a couple of huge grabs. He is improving before our eyes and made catches today that he dropped in Week 1.  (b) Amukamara's off-coverage has hurt the Giants. He gives up too much space at the snap. Barring a goal line situation where he had no choice, he cost the team on a 3rd down in the red zone and on a 4th and 3 conversion because of this. Elite Round 1 CBs fight on every snap.  Big off coverage (>3 yards) is passive, a concession, an admission of weakness.  Either you attack in this league or you get attacked. (c) I really like Andre Brown in short yardage.

The Redskins outgained the Giants today 480 to 393.  And that tab included the 77 yard bomb at the end of the game!  Thank goodness for those 4 Redskin turnovers.  Thank goodness for those 7 Redskin penalties.  The Giants whistled past the graveyard this afternoon.  

We know that Eli had a lapse, and that he is money.  Yes, it is alarming that the lapse we saw vs Philly (end zone pick) was eerily familiar to today's 2 picks.  But we know that Manning in Q4 is unstoppable.   He is the least of our problems.  Fewell and the coaches have to figure out how to scheme this Redskin run game better.  The Giants simply cannot allow them to rush for 248 yards and expect to win.

It was really interesting to see JPP give RGIII one hell of an open field matchup.  On one play RGIII was sacked by JPP for a 12 yard loss.  On the other, in Q4 on 4th down and 10, RGIII took JPP to school and got the conversion on a pass to a 3rd string TE.  JPP and RGIII are two gladiators out there, the most elite of the NFL's athletes.  I believed before each one was drafted that they were feast or famine (injuries via QB position, still always a possibility), and that you could not place that much relative value on any one pick.  I was dead wrong.  Only one team wins the title, so you better get these freak athletes where and when you can in order to remain competitive in this league.  You bust with a famine Reggie Bush, c'est la vie.  But when you hit on a freakish athlete, you win a Super Bowl. Or more.  Gamble on the feast/famine.  Because there is only one winner and 31 losers.  And the 1 winner is going to have the player that they reached for.