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After you read Garafolo, you will say:”Good Riddance”

Take it at face value. Mike Garafolo delivers good stuff, and this story, if correct, sheds plenty of light on what has been happening. (I am operating on this story being correct. If it is not, then some of the things I state below will be subject to change. I doubt that will be necessary. I think Garafolo has it and I think his story is very telling.)

Let me get this straight, Burress is upset? At the Giants? If this is the case, then the man is completely and totally whacked out and the Giants were sane enough to cut him and move on. The only thing the Giants did to protect themselves at any time was suspend him and withhold pay, which I believe will hold up (or at worst get arbitrated down) as part of the morals clause.

This story was so remarkable that I had to read it a second time to completely understand that Burress is a total lunatic.

Brafman’s remark is completely true. As his lawyer, the Giants cutting him is a mistake because from that vantage point my client is now unemployed. As a Giants fan, it is a mistake on the surface because we just have “lost” a very good player. But according to all of this, it is just spin, because apparently he was lost a while ago. His own client wanted this!

Remember back in early fall, the ink was not even dry on his brand new contract, that first bonus check had just cleared and he was already causing more problems? Well, the Giants have been saints in all of this, have given him anything and everything, every opportunity, and he spits in the team’s face. The Giants are a strong club, and players rave about them as an administration because they stand by you and give you every opportunity to succeed. In a word, they are loyal. They gave this man every opportunity, time and again. Fines, suspensions, holdouts, gunshot wounds… they stood by him as long as possible. He’s upset?