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All Quiet in February

1) There have been periodic updates on Chad Jones this winter.  John Moran, his physical therapist: “if Chad continues to progress at the rate he is, he could see the field in 2012. I really think that’s possible.”  It is the first time anyone is assessing any realistic possibility to him making it back to football.  We all welcome whatever effort he can make to get back on the field.  Considering he has athletic gifts in other sports like baseball, I would have to believe (competitive, impactful) football remains doubtful.  But it is truly inspiring to see someone work through this.  We can all quietly root for the man to make it all the way back.  Stories like this, if he can somehow even make it to a training camp, make being a spectator of sports exciting and uplifting.   

2) Okay, so football is not completely quiet in February.  Last week we learned Dave Duerson, who played for the Giants on the Super Bowl XXV team, passed away.  Yesterday his death was ruled a suicide.  He has left instructions to have his brain donated for NFL injury research, which is pretty revealing in and of itself.