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An interesting perspective

The last three teams that have repeated as Super Bowl champions the next season.

The 1988 49ers 9-2 after 11 games.

The 1998 Broncos 11-0 after 11 games.

The 2004 Patriots 10-1 after 11 games.

If this is any indication, the Giants are on track, right where they should be.

Re the Super Bowl, Giants are 1.6/1 favorites according to one site with updated odds. Those prices are “asking,” not midpoint. So you have to figure that the Giants are about a 30% chance for winning the Super Bowl. And that implies they are a ~46% shot for making the Super Bowl. Figure the Jets to be an underdog against the Giants in the Super Bowl if they make it, implying a ~22% chance to be in the game. That means a 10% chance at a NY Super Bowl, a ~42% chance neither are there, and a 48% chance one of them is there. Still way too many games to be played… just trying to be a little more analytical and quantitative, using the betting money’s objectivity.

addendum: the site with the odds updated after post… new odds reflected above.