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Another perspective on Coughlin’s Renaissance

Very good article about the relaxed and happy Tom Coughlin. Who is this man and what has he done to the coach?
What a difference a year makes. Coughlin changed enough to make a BIG difference. He gave a little and got back a lot. The early word is that Strahan will renegotiate and come back in 2008. Some of this is because of Coughlin’s willingness to listen to his players. All the players to a man remark in stunned surprise as they revisit memories from only 1-3 years prior when it was Tom Coughlin the taskmaster who would never smile and never bend. Plaxico Burress’ comments (See post also from Jan 26 for this Jan 18 video, specifically minute 1:20 time) offer the most contrast between old Tom and new Tom. There is simply no way that old Tom makes that concession earlier in his Giants tenure. Considering that this interview took place before the Green Bay game (and perhaps earlier), it foreshadows the continued success of the team. The team did not tire, and it had the legs and lungs to survive a -10 degree windchill game that went to OT.