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Antonio Pierce’s Rx for Michael Vick

Antonio Pierce tweeted his remedy to the NY Giants headache this weekend, aka Michael Vick.

1. Do not allow him to roll to his left

2. Turn Vick into a Runner.. Yes I said it. Fatigue will kick in later in the game. More att to get a hit on him.

3.  Keep someone over the top of DeSean Jackson hard to stop from Big Plays!! Same thing get hits on him. Counter speed w/physical play!!

4.   Eli and offense need to control the clock.. ANDY REID has the BEST 15 PLAY SCRIPT in the NFL. THAT’S My take as DC for

4a. Also when playing VICK, blitz up the Middle “A GAPS” force him to commit to either Running or A quick Throw

Wonder disagrees with some of what Pierce says.

Wonder: “Yes, do not allow Vick to roll to his left.  BUT DO NOT BLITZ!  Instead you want contained pressure.  You cannot allow him to escape the pocket.  The entire field is wide open with a TE and RB dumpoff.  The Giants need a huge game from Cofield and Canty.  Need to push pocket.. the ANTI-BLITZ.  Use Boley, the fastest LBer, but he does not commit, his job is to see if dumpoff to the RB and secondly to stay with Vick if Vick leaks out.

“Summary is that Vick avoids the blitz because he is fast enough to sidestep it, but he can be handled with upfield pressure from your tackles to contain him.  Forcing him to run is nutso, he’ll kill you.  Also play a matchup zone, box and one, with the one extra guy on Jackson.”

Pete has a slightly different set of looks.

Pete:  “With Vick, the way to control him is to make him throw. I agree that you need to get a lot of pressure from the middle of the defense. Tuck will play a big role in this game, as he lines up at left end and must not over commit.  Fewell needs to mix it up. There are a number of things he can do including blitzing a DB, blitzing Goff, stunting/blitzing Osi and keeping him in the pocket.  Boley must play at his peak and can be used to blitz as well.  You mix up your blitz packages as the one place Vick can’t hurt you is up the middle.

“I agree with Wonder that you can’t let Vick scramble and buy time with his legs. He is NOT a good drop back passer and is most dangerous when he rolls out.

“Do what the Giants did successfully for 5 games- Use Phillips,Rolle,Grant,Tuck and Boley on different blitz packages. If you can spring Osi, Vick has to go left. There must be a contain man if he gets around Osi.

“Vick is not a good deep threat. If you beat him up a little you can disrupt him. The Tampa two is a loser against this guy. I agree that Jackson and the TE need to be covered. Those two are used in most of the Eagles offense.  You cannot beat Vick playing passively. If Fewell plays extreme pressure and mixes it up the Giants can win. Keep Vick guessing and hit him. Keep him in the pocket and you eliminate his biggest threat. Everything is about Vick’s feet. Everything starts when he rolls. Pressure him, contain him and cover Jackson and the T.E.  Do that and pressure him. Remember,the Eagle O.L. Is their weakness. Exploit it.”