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A.P. and why NFL stands for Not For Long

The report of the demise of A.P. is exemplary of the harsh realities of the business of the NFL and why we call it Not For Long.



A.P. was the glue and integral part of the defense that brought us Super Bowl XLII in addition to many unseen contributions per Kevin Boss: 

“Really sad to hear about Antonio Pierce being released,” Boss said. “Nobody knows the game better then AP! Tremendous leader and football player. AP made me a better player going against him everyday in training camp. I learned a ton from him. He will certainly be missed!”

As Andy and many on this blog have been calling prior to this past season for LB, LB, LB in the draft.  Rolando McClain has been discussed for many weeks so this is old and unsurprising news.  We can go back to Pierce getting roasted by Westbrook out of the backfield on the flare passes and checkdowns in 2008 for why it was the beginning of the end for A.P. and his $4.5 million dollar salary next year.  The injuries were just more of the same issues of age catching up with any middle linebacker in the cruelest of fashion.  A.P. stated that he believes that “it maybe didn’t end the way I wanted it to end. If anything’s disappointing, it’s that.”  But let’s not forget the Hall of Fame MLB Harry Carson that was unceremoniously let go by the Giants.