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Arizona Week 4

The Giants will have confidence coming into Arizona this weekend.

Gone are the memories of sloppy play in Weeks 1 & 2.  Fresh in their mind is the collective team effort of a quality win on the road vs a respected opponent that was in the playoffs last season.  What kind of effort will the Giants deliver.  And more importantly for this blogger, will the inconsistent coaching from the past few years get more consistent and put the players in situations to succeed?

Arizona is 1-2.  Kolb is averaging 270 yd/game.  5 TDs, 3 INTs, 94 passer rating.  Ken Whisenhunt traded away his left gonad for a QB.  AZ’s competition has been anemic: the Panthers (W) and two narrow point losses at WAS and at SEA.

Wonder’s scouting report from September 16:

Ariz- at least they have a QB now….as how successful Kolb will be remains to be seen…will Beanie Wells perform ?? Will Fitz get any help ?? can Todd Heap provide some magic ?? Can Andre Roberts become Kolb’s slot guy ?? Will Daryl Washington, MY STUD LB, be ok physically and have a breakthrough season ? Will they get something out of Sam Acho ?? Can they overcome a weak pass DEF ?? I love Peterson as draft pick, but Wilson is 31 and more of a “run” stuffer now..and Kerri Rhodes is pathetic…sooo..however, this is the NFC West..so they can win out of default !

Giants are -1 this game, they should be -3.  AZ offensive line should not be able to protect Kolb.  They should not be able to effectively run the ball.

AZ gave up DRC and a R2 pick for Kolb.  AZ misses DRC already in the secondary.  They can be controlled physically at the line of scrimmage.  As long as the NY Giants do not turn the ball over, they should win. 

Who are the special players on AZ?  Fitzgerald is the only player who can dominate.  Double, triple him and do not let him beat you.  Calais Campbell (4th year DE) is good, not great.  Guys like Heap and Wells are solid, but the OL is weak.  The entire line is suspect.  No quality, no depth.  Bottom third of OLs in the NFL.  This fits right into the Giants’ gameplan.  When the Giants run into a Ravens, Raiders, Saints (potentially), Patriots, Titans, Texans, Chargers, NYJ (if Mangold healthy) competent OL, it negates one of their strengths to a degree.  But not this weekend, for sure.    

Do not put the Giants OL at risk, playing from behind.  That puts Eli in trouble.  Get ahead, stay ahead.  Can the Giants beat good teams?  There are not many good teams.  The NFL right now is the Packers, and everybody else.  With AZ as “everybody else,” it is the Giants’ game to win or lose.  As long as the Giants execute and do not beat themselves, they should win this weekend.  No prediction, but just execute and win.  Eli had zero turnovers last week- keep doing those things to help him and win the game.