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The AFC at Week 16

Frankly, I am so fed up with this Dead-Giants-Man Walking that my love of football has to have some kind of outlet.  This season is a reminder of the nightmare 1970s.  So here is one productive way I survived 1970's football- I watched other teams in the NFL and learned to appreciate what good football looked like.  In that spirit of the rest of the NFL, we walk through the AFC to get perspective from our adjunct professor of the pigskin, El Wonder.  NY Giants comment at the end.

NE– (In the playoffs,) They can beat anybody and they can lose to anybody.
MIA– Hard to believe they may make the playoffs, but easy first round exit.
NYJ– Scarecrow: If I only had a brain. Rex: If I only had an offense.
BUF– Whose draft pick was worse? EJ Manuel or Geno Smith. Both will be mediocre.

CIN– Marvin Lewis blew it again. Had chance for 2 seed, now will lose in Round 1.
BAL– Look out, here they come.
PIT– The poster child for an old NFL team.
CLE– Only a QB away from being a threat in 2014.

IND– Luck's stats w/ and w/o RWayne are scary. Going nowhere in 2013.
TEN– Decent team that is going in the right direction.
JAX– Hard to believe they have won 4 games.
HOU– How can a team with this good a roster get the #1 pick? Trade down!

DEN– Still not sold on Manning in the cold. Better get that defense right if want XLVIII.
KC– Still solid team in cold weather, will not be easy out in playoffs.
SD– Too little too late.
OAK– Has not had a winning record since going to the Super Bowl.

We'll get to the NFC in another installment, but for our rabid Giants fans…

NYG– Fire Reese, Fire Coughlin. Give Cowher (first choice) or Gruden a blank check.