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Asomugha to the Giants?

Giants defensive end Justin Tuck wants free agent cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha on the Giants.   However,  once the labor dispute is resolved,  will Giants management answer the bell? 

According to Profootball Weekly’s Eric Edholm,  a scenario of Asomugha signing with the Giants seems unlikely.  His reasoning is the Giants are in decent shape at corner and Asomugha’s high asking price will steer the Giants away.  But do the Giants allow a top notch corner slip through their fingers?  Tuck’s thinking  is having Asomugha on the Giants will get them over the hump.  Indeed,  Tuck is spot on.   The Giants need a player of Asomugha’s caliber to improve their pass defense.  As we noted last week,  the Giants pass defense needs improvement.  Having Asomugha on the Giants can only help make things better and here is why:

1.  This year’s crop of cornerbacks is very weak.   The Giants are not going to find their guy in this year’s draft. 

2.   The Giants do not have quality depth at the cornerback position.   If Webster or Thomas go down with an injury,  who is going to start?   Aaron Ross?

3.   Since the Giants switched to a 4-3 defense, they have put a premium on pass rushers.  Putting pressure on a passer is their formula for success.  Giants co-owner John Mara said, “We beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl because they couldn’t block us up front.”  And since then,  offensive coaches have figured out how to short circuit the Giants pass rush.  Have a quarterback get rid of the ball quickly.  Throw slants, screens, and flares.  Use a tight end to exploit the weak belly of the defense: the linbacker unit.  Fortunately, having Asomugha  will mask deficiencies on the Giants defense.  His ability to play man to man coverage will force quarterbacks to throw to the other side of the field.  Since Asomugha can play man coverage, the Giants can take advantage by rolling their coverages opposite of Asomugha’s position on the field.   His presence on the field can only make his teammates better.  Ask former Oakland teammate Stanford Routt. 

John Mara should listen to Justin Tuck.   Sign Nnamdi Asomugha.