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Back to Reality This Weekend

Andy called the Giants win and cover this past weekend.  We have had a few days to get off the high of the win, but reaity is a bitch.  I’ll call the Colts win and cover this weekend.

Three concussions for Boss means he is now one more and probably done. It’s really a shame. The brain can only take so much and even three is too much.

The rest of it is frustrating but predictable.  Beatty is done too.  This team is held together by chewing gum. Everyone who wants to project a win based on this past weekend’s win must understand that the Panthers are barely competitive at this point.  That is a shame as well, because we like John Fox.  The Giants had 8 yds rushing in the first half and Carolina is decimated by departures and injuries.

More injuries are going to happen to the gmen and we cannot afford any!  If McKenzie or O’Hara, Snee, even Seubert get hurt we have Andrews to step up and that is it. Koets is still a Giant but he can’t play very well and Petrus is just a boy,a big boy but he needs some time.  Compound that with the TE blocking issue from the Boss void and we have challenges that cannot be overcome easily.

Beckum is a talented receiver who can’t block a tackling dummy. I read that he has gained confidence from playing last week but I sure didn’t see why. This kid weighs 239 pounds and before getting seriously injured was a projected top 10 draft choice. I thought if he could get and stay healthy he was a real find. Then he tried to block. In this league a tight end must block. It will be interesting to watch. Bear Pascoe, not known for his intellect, is still trying to understand why Coughlin cut him. Tom, being the great communicator that he is, put him on the practice squad and told him to be “be ready.”  Pascoe didn’t get it but he is on the Big squad now.

A while back I cautioned that the Fewell INTs were going to be fool’s gold.  So we play against Matt Moore, collect some very nice INTs, and now everyone is excited. One week versus a weak QB your team is exploiting, the next week vs Peyton it is going to get middled in Cover2.  Peyton knows how to look off Safeties, so our INT opportunities will become less frequent. More importantly, if Peyton plays his usual 300-400 yard passing game and doesn’t fall for the same defense he has practiced against for 12 years, it could get nasty. Having said that, it probably will be a defensive struggle.

I must say that Tuck, Osi and Kiwi played well. However, you read Ralph. No pressure at all in the first half and the Tampa Two is a loser. I am leaning toward a season that could be a surprise but more than likely will not. The Giants play some good teams and they will get devoured.  I worry that Bradshaw, as much as I like him, won’t last the season. The Giants will have to go to the practice squad just to put enough guys on the field.

I thought San Fran would challenge for the Super Bowl and they got blown out by Seattle.  So I do not claim to have all the answers.  But I have zero doubt that the Giants cannot make the playoffs unless everyone in the division plays like Dallas did this past Sunday night. It’s amazing really.  The Redskins are not a good team. They may be a little better than last year but not a whole lot. McNabb is done and doesn’t know it.  Detroit got absolutely robbed and that is a shame. Green Bay is solid.  As we have discussed many times, the Pats are just incredible. Year after year, holdouts, injuries and age just slow them down a little but they win and now they are good again with a bunch of high picks next draft.,  I don’t even like the Pats but they truly are the blueprint for success. I think the Colts are playing just like they always have. Eli Manning has to put up 35 or better to win.  Ironically, the Colts play the Tampa Two a lot. Dungy and Lovie invented it in Tampa.

I am on record for 7-9 or 8-8 and nothing from last Sunday changes my mind.