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Backs to the Wall

We are tired about having to report all of the failings of the 2013 NY Giants.  Let's talk about some of the good things we see this season.

1) Will Hill.  In his first game back, he took all of the snaps and was ubiquitous.

2) Prince Amukamara.  Everyone saw the TD he gave up to DeSean Jackson, but he has been otherwise a very solid corner and his play is improving.

3) Run Defense.  Vastly improved over 2012.  Patterson is the 3rd highest PFF-rated Defensive Tackle vs the run in the NFL. 

4) Cruz/Nicks/Randle.  When Nicks is healthy, as good as any in the NFL.  In a horrible offensive season, these three are #s 2, 3 and 4 on the team.

5) Spencer Paysinger.  Carl Banks says he is improving every game.  PFF disagrees, and I don't necessarily see it yet, but we'll trust Banks and see how this player does in coming weeks.

6) Kevin Boothe.  He and Cruz are the only players on ProFootballFocus.com in "green" on offense.

7) Ryan Mundy.  I like his open field tackling ability.

The Gmen are 8 point dogs today.  Let's look for the bright spots and start building for 2014.  if the Giants can play well from this point forward, they can build for next year.  It may not sound invigorating but what else do we have to hope for?  All it will take is for some of these younger players to develop, JPP to get healthy by year's end, and for the Giants to get some good draft picks (that Reese does not use on DL!), and then 2014 will be a new year.  It starts now with guys like the ones listed above (Moore? Paging Damontre Moore?) getting the experience.