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Ballard Part II

If you think that there is perfect bliss between a Head Coach and his General Manager, you certainly haven’t been a Giants fan for very long.  My awareness began in the 80’s when Bill Parcells and George Young would go at it on which players to draft etc..  After leaving the Patriots, he uttered the famous quote: “”They want you to cook the dinner; at least they ought to let you shop for (some of) the groceries.”  And therein lies the rub between every front office and every head coach.

Coughlin was a little bit more than displeased (“very disappointed“) upon hearing that Ballard was lost.  Coughlin worries about what is in the trenches, not about the dollars. Given the terseness of Coughlin’s remarks, he probably thought the “calculated” risk was greater that Ballard would be claimed than what others thought.