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Banks on fishing without a hook

 Many sensed that the Gmen would pull the game out Sunday even as the game headed into the 4th quarter.  But Banks ..“wasn’t sure about the outcome.”

Number 58 felt “Eli was the only guy that wasn’t sleepwalking through this game other than a few receivers.”  Banks noted that the defense “didn’t self-address” their issues “in the bye week.” Banks stated that “you’ve gotta look at your schemes, not a knock on Perry Fewell.  but it’s not a good scheme if your guys aren’t executing it.”  He adds that “there is something fundamentally wrong with a front that continues to give up all of these big runs” as there “should always be a fail safe in your defense where were not going to give up any runs over 15 yards.”  We all know that “it’s not like they are playing the Eric Dickersons “ weekly “but it’s every week there is someone” gashing them for 40 yard gains.  Banks is a little easier on the secondary as he “understand(s) when teams can hit a few on them in the passing game because they do have guys playing out of position.” But their strength, the defensive line, “is at their best when they try to protect against those guys from being exploited.”

The Offense once again had a good game plan.  Banks continues:

“Can’t kill the team for their inability to run because there were some passing plays that basically took the place of the run.  Nolan had 8-9-10 guys up at the line of scrimmage and basically vacated the middle of the field.  You would have to be insane as a quarterback or offensive coordinator not to get those balls in those spots.  The linebackers were (also) run blitzing….how many crossing routes all day did you see over the LBs?”

Joe Benigno lauds the offensive line on their pass protection and Banks pointed out ‘that it becomes a lot easier (for them) when your not trying to take long shots down the field.”  Where have we heard this before? But as Banks stated, “at some point teams are not going to be able to stack the box and” they will have to “honor the pass.”  Then they “will be able to get their run game going. “

Banks other highlights on upcoming Pats game:

“Book is out on Brady a couple of weeks ago as you can clearly notice he cannot move.”

On the Giants offense: “even if they don’t have a lot of success (running the ball) they’ve got to commit so that they can get the passes that they want.  The one thing about Bill Belichick is his talent may not execute it but he’ll have a scheme for you and you can’t play into his hands and you’ve got to play the game on your terms, you’ve got to play to your strengths which so happens to be their weaknesses.”

Their “LBs move north and south but not side to side…gotta get guys out in space.”

Paul here.  We have given Gilbride credit when and where it’s due lately.  But it’s remarkable how we’ve come full circle since 2008 post “the shot heard round the Latin quarters.”  We shouted out about how Gilbride needed to adjust to 8 to 9 in the box with short to intermediate routes over the LBs.  Look for Belichik to disguise at the line of scrimmage and drop into coverage to confuse Eli.  There are still a few players that need to contribute on offense and to echo Banks words on how the Cowboys neglected playmakers “give em’ a chance to make a play.”  In addition,  “gotta’ get guys out in space” like D. Scott over a “tip toe through the tulips” dancing Jacobs..  This is a dynamic offense right now but a healthy Bradshaw and Nicks are critical as we head into the tougher part of the schedule.  The Pats are a measuring stick, maybe not as important as an NFC game, but important nonetheless.

The strength of the Gmen defense is without a doubt their pass rush.  The DC, staff and players need to strive for a majority of series where the opposing offenses are in a 3rdand 7 or higher.  Banks hit on questioning the schematics of this team. Try attacking with your young LBs rather than a 4-2-5 as a base defense.  Maybe this week that won’t be necessary, as the Pats run should not be honored.. but please don’t try to defend Deon Grant as a LBer!