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Banks on Game 1

The original #58 gives his take on the 1st game at the New Meadowland Stadium this past Sunday.

Carl echoed Andy’s sentiments about the 1st half but called it “ugly” and “sort of inconsistent” to put it kindly.  He gives Gilbride credit as Carolina plays a lot of Fewell (cover 2) and he took advantage of that.  Banks postulates that Eli must be thinking that “the one pass he wished had back was the medicine ball he threw to Boss.”  In addition, he felt it was definitely a “cheap shot at Boss” by the Carolina safety and the refs clearly missed that call.   Boss is out with a concussion with more news coming tomorrow.

One area of concern on the Offense was the running game because if you “take the 2 big runs out that Bradshaw and Jacobs had in the 2nd half they had 1.9 yds per carry” as it was just “bad run blocking.” Carl’s wants to “be objective as possible as the offensive line has had just 7 days of working together” but “it’s gonna be interesting if this offensive line is the offensive line of old or the old offensive line.”  The bottom line is that “they’re clearly not in sync” and it will be “interesting how they do against a Colts team that gave up 200 yards rushing” (though he expects them to play better) as “they are also a small defensive team.”  It’s “almost a continuation of where they were at the end of last year” but “both backs are too good to get the ball with defenders in their lap.” But he sums up the hope and bright side to where they are as “you can’t say the offensive line is horrible as a whole because they can pass block.”  But in the end “in order to have an opportunity to go deep into the playoffs you’ve got to be able to run the football” as they “really (have) got to get their timing and rhythm.”

On the defensive side of the ball Banks felt that the areas that they have worked on since last season were the “red zone defense, stopping the run and tackling well.”  But he also admits that the “Giants exposed (Moore) for the guy who just not quite there” as  “he stares down his receivers” which plays into the advantage of what the Giants scheme defensively in  “keeping the ball in front of you.”  He praises Canty and Cofield as they “did well against the run.”  He also “felt the LBs did their job” as “it was “refreshing to see when they bring their LBs a running back has to leave the game” because “when you blitz a linebacker on a back it’s gotta be a losing proposition for the back and it was.”  He feels the linebackers are starting to understand the purpose of what they are (supposed to be) doing” which appears to be his shot at and an indictment of the “freelancing” system last year.

Finally, “if there is one game criticism it’s the Special Teams” as there was “no coverage.” Just imagine if “you allow Peyton Manning to start on his own 40 yard line every time?”  Joe and/or Evan even estimated that “12 of 18 points scored by Carolina were due to the Special Teams” allowing advantageous field position.  Banks in the  end believes the “approach has to be different with these Special Teams kids their sole role on contribution to the team should be on Special Teams” and they need to have a different “mindset.”

Motown here, Banks points out the obvious deficiencies and positives from yesterday.  The offensive line performance in the running game continues to be a concern as the gains that Bradshaw made in the 1st half were by making lemonade out of sour lemons.  Banks summed it up in the fact that they have to get better “because they can pass block.”  But wondering how long before they inject some new/young blood with Andrews?

The woes of the Special Teams unit was discussed on this blog during the entire preseason but they have got to figure this out because, yes, Peyton will crucify them with a short field every time.