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Banks on the Wild Cards
Banks gave Giant fans a break from the team and discussed all the wildcard games this past weekend.
  • He stated Capers has opened himself up to criticism given his unit gave up 45 points and didn’t press their receivers the entire game. 
  • Too much pressure on Woodson to cover everyone in space.  Woodson got ‘abused’ by Fitzgerald.  
  • Banks also ponders whether Reid outsmarts himself in the big games and criticizes them for going away from the run way too early. 
  • He lauds Mark Schottenheimer for his play calling at the right time and his “unpredictability” to keep the defense off balance and also protect his inexperienced QB……..hmmmm where have we heard this stuff before? 
  • He did go on about how NE (“one-dimensional”) needs to go get a “small ball attitude” by getting a FB and running game going as a whole.  He insinuated that this also contributes to why their “half court” game blows which puts way too much pressure on their Oline to pass protect, as well as Brady. “They do not have a physical team on the offensive side.”
  • Dallas (“the NFC East”) to advance and beat the Vikings.