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More on Barber, Burress, and Giant review

If there is a 2011 season, Tiki Barber will return to the NFL.  But the Giants do not want him.  Plaxico Burress will be released from jail on June 6th.  Will the Giants retain him?  One former Giant thinks it is a no brainer.  And a look back at the 2010 season. 

Former teammate and now ESPN analyst Antonio Pierce had sharp criticism about Barber’s behavior

“Now if that is the guy you think you are bringing in, you might want to look
in another direction,” Pierce continued. “From personal experience,
That is my problem with Tiki Barber … the guy can play. Can he do it four
years later? I don’t think he can.”

I disagree with Pierce. We have a difference of opinion about the definition of leadership.  It is my truth, leadership is action.   For Pierce to say,   he didn’t do anything to help the Giants [in] 2006 when he decided to retire in the middle of the season.  This statement is so outrageous. Contrast Pierce’s take about Tiki retiring in 2006 with Plaxico Burress.  In Burress’s book,  Giant- The Road to the Super Bowl,  Burress in his own words about the Tiki Barber retirement: We had the whole Tiki Barber thing going on with the media, like it was some big deal to us. The fact is that nobody even cared about it.  Seriously, they made it out to be this big deal, but we didn’t really feel it on the inside. I don’t care, nobody cares if a guy is going to retire.  In 2006, when the Giants were 7-8 and in a complete free fall, it was Tiki Barber who single handedly defeated the Washington Redskins.  With the Giants  Tiki’s 34-28 win over Washington,  the Giants clinched a playoff berth.  Needless to say, Tiki saved Coughlin’s job.  

Speaking about Plaxico Burress,  if there is a 2011 NFL season, he will get an opportunity to play again.  Will it be with the Giants?  Former teammate Michael Strahan thinks it is a no-brainer.  Burress should be wearing blue again.  

On the New York Times’ Fifth Down blog,  Andy Benoit  looks back at the 2010 Giant season.