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Bird’s Fan Perspective

Crestfallen Mike Burke at Birdsfan.com shares his thoughts about the Giants win over his beloved Eagles.

I must say that going into the weekend, this was a match-up I really liked for the Eagles.  The Giants weren’t a team that seemed overly impressive, but I had to eat my words as the Giants really stuck it to the Eagles on their home turf.

This seemed like a game that both sides could really get up for, but the Eagles looked pretty flat.  When Steve Smith forgot that he actually plays for the Eagles now and gave the Giants the ball early, I had a really bad feeling about where this game was heading.  However, the Eagles did start to bounce back a little bit in the second quarter to give me a little hope.

There were two things that really killed the Eagles on Sunday: red zone offense and big plays.  I have to tell you, I’ve never been as negative about Andy Reid as a lot of other people in Philadelphia.  He’s had his issues over the years, but he’s always put together a competitive team.  My feelings about Reid really changed dramatically on Sunday.  The play calling was absolutely horrific.  It’s embarrassing that your everyday fan immediately recognizes how awful the calls are, but your coach makes them anyway.

To top that, he was absolutely horrific in his post-game press conference.  We don’t expect a whole lot out of Reid in his press conferences and were pretty use to him saying he has to put his players in a better position to make plays when they lose.  However, we received none of that this week.  He was very short, cutting off reporters, and taking a pretty early exit.  I understand being upset after a loss, but stand up there and take it like a man.

Defensively, it was a pretty disgusting effort.  The Giants average touchdown length was 40 yards.  As I already noted, big plays killed the Eagles.  They couldn’t tackle.  Players failed to step up and make a play.  In most cases, the defense didn’t even have to make a great play.  Making a routine play would have prevented just about all these touchdowns.

Then, to top Reid’s press conference, Vick comes out and throws a hissy fit which he basically tried to retract on Monday.  I understand the frustration and maybe you don’t get some of the calls that you should, but do you think publicly bad mouthing referees is going to be beneficial to you in the future?  I’d think it would only make things worse.  I love Vick as the Eagles quarterback, but I think some things are better left not said.

Overall, it was one of the most disappointing losses I’ve seen in a while.  Everything from the execution of plays to the play calls themselves were horrible.