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Blue collar Tollefson

 A lot of attention on the defensive line has been drawn on Osi, Kiwi with his schizophrenic switch to LB and Tuck with his recent, but very worrisome, chronic neck stinger.

Yesterday an under-appreciated and tireless working player was interviewed on WFAN.   What was refreshing about Dave Tollefson was his complete plural tone throughout the interview.  He is part of the team, unit and program.  He is totally egoless as a professional athlete.

Tollefson was asked if he is playing the best football of his career.  His response was yes. “It’s a combination of  years under my belt and preparation as during this walk out I definitely wasn’t sitting at home on my butt. I was getting ready for the season.”  He goes on to add that “I am not Dwight Freeney spinning around and all it’s a product of being around the guys I have been for the last 5 years as we all know how to play with each other….and really we all play really hard.’

Tuck, as mentioned above, has been battling a nagging a stinger all season.  Let’s just hope his frustration is short-lived and doesn’t result in a visit to the IR.

Finally, Gilbride comments on how Manningham had his best game yet route running.  My question to everyone on the blog- is this a smoke screen to leverage Cruz or a truthful statement to build up Manningham?